Wolf Boards – Agile digital signage for car washes

Immediate and strategic, get unlimited designs and content changes for your digital signage. Fully managed content solution lets you focus on washing cars.

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Rugged, hi-def signs

Your Wolf Board is ready to use out of the box. The hardware includes a mounted Samsung 55-inch HD monitor. Each monitor comes with a five-year, white glove manufacturer’s warranty with next-day replacement.

High-visibility display

Reach your customers with ultra-bright images, day and night. Samsung’s Magic Glass sits in front of the displays’ LCD panels to remove glass reflection and providing a vivid picture even under direct sunlight.

Your messages are visible under any lighting conditions because of high 2,500 nit brightness and 5,000:1 high contrast ratio. The signs are also unaffected when viewed with polarized sunglasses.

Rated for extreme conditions

Each unit has a filterless self-cooling system that adapts to the environment. Monitors are rated for all weather and temperatures from -22˚F to 122˚F. So there’s no need to cover or turn off Wolf Boards during rain or snow.

Samsung’s Magic Glass is also graffiti and impact resistant up to IK10 (the highest rating), offering protection against accidents and vandalism.

Wolf Boards give you the power to update your graphics and messaging on the fly, saving you print costs and giving you strategic flexibility to test pricing and special offers. We deliver crystal clear Samsung displays rated for extreme weather conditions. Our marketing experts create designs and manage your display remotely, including your wash menu, hours, special offers, and more.

Make unlimited changes

Wolf Boards help you get the most out of your digital signage. We work with you to create effective custom designs to showcase your wash menu, special promotions, hours of operation, community messages, and more.

And unlike other digital signage that requires unbolting the casing and mount to update the USB stick, we update your Wolf Boards remotely for you. Not only that, we offer unlimited designs and updates for one low monthly price.

You’ll also have the ability to pre-schedule content for different days of the week or different times of day. For example, you can set your Wolf Board to display your menu items during the day and your business hours after close. With Wolf Boards, you can even program designs to automatically appear when it’s raining.

Fully managed and strategic

Wolf Boards are backed by Wolford Communications marketing specialists. We help you identify opportunities, manage campaigns, and craft messaging that sells.

You’ll work directly with one of our project managers to create your designs for each of your Wolf Boards. Car washes often place signage at pay terminals and at the entrance and exit of the tunnel. It can also be beneficial to place signage near the street, your vacuums and even inside the tunnel to maximize your messaging surface.

Wolf Boards are not passive: you can use them as an integral part of your sales funnel. For example, you can display text message shortcodes to send DRB SmartCodes for free or discounted washes. Or you can display QR codes that send customers to a landing page on your website to collect rich data for email drip campaigns to help you sell more wash passes.

How Wolf Boards work

Install your Wolf Board on site and connect it to the internet

We ship Wolf Boards anywhere in the continental United States. Each board comes with the necessary software pre-installed and your initial designs already loaded. We’ll help you through every step.

Send change requests through our customer portal

Whenever you’d like to update your content, just send us a message with the relevant information. We’ll take care of the rest. Most simple changes can be propagated within 20 minutes.

Test, change, and repeat

Testing different designs, messaging, pricing, and promotions is the best way to increase your sales. We work with you to design marketing campaigns and test them. The possibilities are unlimited.

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